Xbox One Jailbreak

Today we are proud to announce our detailed Xbox One Jailbreak that is available to be downloaded for free. Furthermore, we have endeavored to ensure that our new custom firmware is fully compatible with all Xbox One models.

Original Firmware > Custom Firmware 2.81 (Updated: 06/2016)

Following an extremely long development process, our team have managed to finally achieve a fully functional Xbox One jailbreak. If you are here to learn how to jailbreak Xbox One consoles then it is your lucky day. In addition you will be pleased to know that our advanced technique requires only the use of a USB storage device, unlike traditionally styled Xbox One Jtag techniques that were prominent in the past. If you have a PS4 then check out our PS4 jailbreak as well.

Xbox One Jailbreak Tutorial

Initial Requirements

To jailbreak your Xbox One, you will require the following items:

How To Jailbreak Xbox One Consoles

1. Our latest Xbox One jailbreak software has been updated to be fully compatible with all existing Xbox One models, these are listed below. Please select and download the required file from the link provided below:

  • Model Number: 1520
  • Model Number: 1540

2. Extract the folder using either WinRAR or 7zip. Once this step is completed, open the extracted folder and you should see a file named – XBXONEUPDATE.PUP.

3. Next, insert your external hard drive or USB into your computer and open up the root directory of the device. Within this directory, create a new folder called – XBXONE. Inside this new folder, create a second new folder named – UPDATE.Xbox One Jailbreak

4. Locate the XBXONEUPDATE.PUP file that you downloaded earlier on in this process. Move this file to be within the new UPDATE folder.

5. Always safely eject any external storage device (USB/HDD) from your computer.

6. Plug in your USB or HDD to your Xbox One and then turn it on.

7. Navigate to your Xbox One’s system settings as illustrated in the image below.


8. Select to update via external storage media.

9. Proceed with the system software update and confirm all of the relevant instructions displayed on your monitor.

10. Following this you must now wait for approximately ten to fifteen minutes in order for the update to complete.

11. After the completion of the update, ensure that you switch it off immediately and then restart your console.

12. After your Xbox One has rebooted, your new custom firmware will have been successfully installed onto your console.


Hello and welcome to our Xbox One Jailbreak page, here you will find detailed information about the development team working on this on-going project, the work that has gone into our latest firmware updates, how to jailbreak Xbox One consoles and also a list of all the latest features that are available for you to use. Firstly, I would like to say a massive thank you to the whole Xbox One Jailbreak development team for their hard work and dedication over the past two years – without them this project would not have been possible and we wouldn’t be here today. We are now at a point where we are confident in announcing ourselves as the premier Xbox One Jailbreak team in the world and pride ourselves on providing users with a seamless experience. We have had a large amount of competition during the early development phases, however we now offer the most comprehensive Xbox One CFW around and are without doubt the most skilled developers in the business. With that being said, we are also very keen to search for new developers to join us, so if you or anybody that you know are interested in helping us out then please do get into contact with us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


Additional Information

Thank you for visiting our website and downloading our Xbox One Jailbreak software. If you would like to learn how to perform an Xbox One Jtag then please continue to read this page or an alternative option would be to open the readme file contained within the download folder. A quick note on the developers here at – we personally believe that our latest Xbox One Jailbreak is the most effective, easy to user and functional software that is currently available anywhere in the world. We have spent over two years researching, testing and improving our software and now we are at an extremely stable variant that we are happy to release for public use. As it stands there are virtually no risks associated with the installation of our custom firmware and so users can feel safe in knowing that if there are ever any functionality issues, they can easily revert to the Xbox One’s original firmware in no time at all.

Further to this, we are continually working in harmony with our development team to make sure that future releases are always stable with any Xbox One variant and we are also always searching for new ways to learn how to jailbreak Xbox One consoles too. As of the middle of 2016 we have managed to streamline our installation process so that it takes people under thirty minutes for them to learn how to jailbreak Xbox One consoles and actually get the latest custom firmware installed too. This is an absolutely monumental step forward in terms of development, previous Xbox One jailbreak versions took considerably longer to install and were ultimately far more complex too, essentially rendering them useless to your average user. In terms of compatibility, we regularly test all releases of our Xbox One CFW on a range of different consoles to ensure that there are no issues whatsoever. In the one-off occasion where there is an issue, it is extremely simple to modify your Xbox One so that it returns to its original state. Today we are very proud of where we have got to, but despite this we are perpetually seeking to improve our product. For more detailed instructions on how to jailbreak your Xbox One than the ones above, please consult our manual that is contained within the download folder.

For those of you that are looking for some more detailed technical information on how we actually managed to achieve our latest Xbox One Jailbreak, please consult with our development team directly and they will provide you with the relevant documents. If you are a developer yourself and are interested in working with us on this project or any future projects, please leave us a message with your previous experience in this niche and we will reply as soon as possible. With the Xbox One being a relatively new console, Microsoft are constantly releasing updates on an almost weekly basis, as a consequence of this we are regularly releasing updates to our CFW. These can be downloaded online, directly to your console, or you can simply reinstall our software again. Rest assured that this is not necessary, but if any new features are added in Microsoft updates, you will need to update your firmware in order to use this functionality. Whenever Microsoft do update the Xbox One, we are challenged with having to update our Xbox One Jailbreak method from the bottom up – in other words, we have to learn how to jailbreak Xbox One consoles again. Fortunately with our current exposure we are generally able to do this in under one week and we intend on continuing to do so for many years to come. As with any of our Xbox jailbreak releases, we spend countless hours perfecting our software and so any thanks that we get goes a very long way and helps us keep motivated in our goal to allow users to have free access to a fully customisable Xbox One console.

One of the key things that we are keen on propagating in any of our Xbox One jailbreak releases is to ensure that our CFW is extremely stable on all Xbox One variants, this is a particularly difficult task but it is one that we always achieve. The one risk that users face when installing previous versions is that they may make a mistake and this could potentially risk damaging the console. However, with our latest releases we have included various failsafe mechanisms that ensure that if these errors do occur, then they can easily return the Xbox One to its previous state. This is something that the developers at have pioneered and as a result our software is the safest that is currently available anywhere on the internet. Similarly, other development teams have released Xbox One jailbreaks that are not easily installed and many users are extremely confused when trying to unlock their console. We have made efforts to make sure that this is not the case with our CFW and that users can easily install our latest updates.

Between our Xbox One jailbreak development team and all of our other teams, we have many thousands of hours of experience in jailbreaking a variety of different consoles and we are generally regarded as being world leading experts. Our particular expertise is situated within the Xbox and Playstation niches, however we are keen to branch out further with all new console releases too and particularly with the future integration of virtual reality with them.


Xbox One Jtag

As with all of our releases of Xbox One custom firmware, our current version has a truly extensive list of features that users have been requesting over the years that we have been developing. All of these features were initially available on Xbox One consoles, however they have been locked by Microsoft – essentially blocking their usage from the public. Our latest firmware enables all of these features and we have also facilitated the capacity to customise a wide range of them too. In addition we are also keen to add further features moving forward and so we would like to hear for any recommendations from the public.


Benefits of an Xbox One Jailbreak

In this section we have provided a detailed list of the various different features that are available in our latest Xbox One Jtag software. Once again, whichever version of our software that you download will have this full range of features as we are constantly updating each of them to ensure maximum functionality.

Ease – Above all, the best thing about our Xbox One CFW is that it is extremely easy to download, install and use too. We have streamlined the entire process from start to finish and even the most amateur of users will easily be able to get their console fully jailbroken and functioning in a short time span. When we first set out about creating our latest Xbox One update we set a goal of thirty minutes from start to finish and we have surpassed this with flying colors. Moreover, if anybody does ever have any difficult with a particular install then we are on hand to help and usually reply to email requests in under 24 hours too thanks to our dedicated team. What’s more? Well, if you do ever run into difficulty when installing our software, we have also put precautionary measures in place that easily enable you to revert your console back to its previous version – mitigating any potential risks considerably.

Games – Yes, you heard that right, games. We have worked tirelessly to capacitate the use of any downloaded Xbox One game on our software. Users must simply download our Xbox One jailbreak and then any games they want to play, once added to the console they will run straight away with no difficulties. We believe that this is the number one reason for people wanting to learn how to jailbreak Xbox One consoles and as a consequence we have ensured that all games (including those yet to be released) are fully compatible with our software too. Unfortunately developers in the past have promised this to users when it was not actually the case, leading many to become disillusioned with jailbreaking software, however we can assure the public that our latest version is completely compatible with all games on the market. If any difficulties do arise, please get into contact with our team and they will help to rectify any issues within 24 hours of submitting a ticket.

Game Modifications – Another feature that many people were keen to get added to our earlier versions was the ability to modify in-game files, essentially enabling widespread customisability to any particular game. Again, we have succeeded in doing this, ensuring that gamers can now activate a selection of cheats (dependent on the chosen game), edit game mechanics and physics and a collection of other features too. While it is true that the newer games have fewer available hacks, we are continually adding new ones to our database. If you have a request for anything else to be added, please contact us and we will do our best to accommodate in future releases.

Console Performance – Boot times of the original Xbox One was one of its downfalls, users rapidly grew frustrated with how long they would have to wait before they could play a game or even turn the console fully on. With our latest release we have mastered this and reduced boot times by as much as 30%. Similarly we have also massively reduced game loading times too and when saving files you can expect it to happen relatively instantly.

Xbox 360 Games – For those of you who previously owned an Xbox 360, you will now be able to play all of your old games – with absolutely no exceptions either. Our Xbox One jailbreak software has no difficulties rendering any of your older games whatsoever. Please refer to our detailed manual in the download folder for a full list of functioning games, if there are any missing please drop us an email and we will include it for future reference.

Applications – This feature is generally for aesthetic and user experience purposes than anything else, but it is important none the less. As many of you will know, the current Xbox One interface is not the best and despite complaints Microsoft have stood firm and limited updates to it over the past two years. Our latest update completely overhauls the old interface and it is now considerably improved based upon our feedback from users. You will now be able to install a variety of third party applications, these can be downloaded from our database or elsewhere online using our in-console browser functionality. Examples of things that can be installed on our Xbox One jailbreak are various messaging services, music players, web browsers and much more too – including different variants of our user interface if you are not entirely happy with the newly created one.

Regionally Locked Content – Many users were frustrated with Microsoft’s decision to lock certain content away geographically, with those residing in the US generally benefiting here. Our Xbox One CFW ensures that users around the world can access all Geo-IP locked content with ease and no difficulties.

In-Game Achievements – For those of you who are keen to unlock all of the achievements available for any of your games, look no further. With the click of a button this is now possible using our latest Xbox One jailbreak.

Hopefully all of this is enough for you, if not then you will be happy to hear that we have also included a large number of smaller features that will become evident when you use our software. If you are a developer that is interested in working alongside us in our Xbox One team, or for any of the other consoles – please do not hesitate to get in touch, we are a pleasant group to work with and are always innovating too. Our work ethic is to share knowledge and help one another achieve our goals. Unfortunately we do not offer a salary as we currently function as a charity, providing our service for free – however if you have a particular skill that we require, we may be able to provide some sort of reimbursement for your time.