PS4 Jailbreak

This page is intended to provide simple instructions for how to jailbreak a PS4. Our current PS4 jailbreak tutorial is based upon the latest custom firmware available, it currently functions on all PS4 models:

Original Firmware 3.15 > Custom Firmware 2.64 (Updated: 05/2016)

Figuring out the best way to perform a PS4 jailbreak is ultimately what we have been spending the past year and a half learning how to do. However, following many months of development, we are now happy to announce that it is now possible to learn how to jailbreak a PS4. It has been a very long process and we are sorry for keeping all of our loyal fans waiting, but Sony made an incredible effort to prevent the PS4 from being jail-broken. It took us far longer than we initially anticipated and many of us began to doubt whether or not we could actually achieve this goal – particularly after learning how to jailbreak a PS3 in such a short period of time. Despite all of this, we have now managed to produce a stable PS4 CFW for you all to download, completely free of charge and we will be providing updates for this as time moves forward. Our current CFW for the PS4 is easily installed and is completely compatible with all of the different PS4 models.

How To Jailbreak A PS4

In order to jailbreak a PS4, you will require the following components:


1. Prior to attempting to jailbreak your PS4, ensure that you have verified that your PS4 console is fully compatible with custom version firmware 2.64:

PS4 Model No – CUH-10xxA
FCC/ID – AK8CUH100C1/409B-CUH100C1

 PS4 Model No – CUH-11xxA
FCC/ID – AK8CUH100F1/409B-CUH100F1

 PS4 Model No – CUH-11xxB
FCC/ID – AK8CUH100F1/409B-CUH100F1

 PS4 Model No – CUH-12xxA
FCC/ID – AK8CUH120Z1/409B-CUH120Z1

PS4 Model No – CUH-12xxB
FCC/ID – AK8CUH120Z1/409B-CUH120Z1

2. Select the appropriate PS4 download file from the list below, ensure that your PS4 model matches your chosen option.

3. Using either WinRAR or 7zip, extract the file you previously downloaded from step 2 to your desktop. Within this newly extracted folder there is a file named – PS4UPDATE.PUP.

4. Plug in your USB or external HDD and open up the root directory. Within this directory, create a new folder named – PS4. Within this new folder, create a second new folder named – UPDATE.


5. Locate the PS4UPDATE.PUP file that you extracted from the file downloaded previously. Place this file within the newly created UPDATE folder.

6. Safely eject your external storage device from your computer.

7. Plug in your external storage device (USB/HDD) to your PS4 and then switch it on.

8. Navigate to your PS4’s settings and the system software update, they can be found here:

  Settings > System Software Update

PS4 Jailbreak

9. Active the system software update and progress through all of the relevant instructions displayed on your screen.

10. Ensure that you tick the box to switch off your PS4 once the new update has been completed. Update your PS4 to the latest custom firmware (2.64).

11. Wait for approximately ten to fifteen minutes for your new custom firmware to be installed.


How To Jailbreak A PS4

You have now successfully completed the procedure and consequently can now utilize all of the benefits that this offers. Examples of this include; the capacity to access development settings, implement customized applications, edit your consoles region settings, modify the homepage and all of its menus.

Additional Information

We have provided the fastest and most efficient way to learn how to jailbreak a PS4 console, our instructions are inclusive of a detailed model guide so that you can determine if it is compatible with our update. As it currently stands, you can now hack your PS4 models with ease. In the past, it was not possible to do this, however we have endeavored to ensure that all of our users have the appropriate custom firmware (CFW) for their respective PlayStation 4 model.

Furthermore, as always, we are continually searching for better methods to jailbreak PS4 consoles – however, we are currently happy with where we stand. It is possible for a user to hack their console within 15 minutes of starting. Additionally, we actively test all of the custom firmware available on our site on a daily basis to ensure that it is completely compatible with each and every PS4 model.

If you would like to find out more about the development process behind all of our hacked PS4 firmware versions, I will tell you this. We typically spend a couple of weeks researching the latest PS4 operating systems and then learn how to jailbreak it again, from scratch. Each time there is an update to the PlayStation OS, we have to make considerable amendments to our firmware to ensure that your custom firmware installation goes as smoothly as possible. Many people do not realize the amount of work that goes into each of our releases, as all of this goes on behind the scenes – as a result, we are extremely thankful for all praise received for our releases.

In addition we always try to ensure that all of our PS4 firmware versions are as secure as possible. Essentially this makes sure that if any mistakes are made upon your installation, you will be able to rectify the previous state of your PS4 device. If this ever occurs on your installation, you will find that it is extremely easy to return to your originally installed PS4 firmware.

Being true industry experts, we are currently the only development company that offers this level of support for our firmware. You will not find this level of expertise anywhere else in the world.

Latest PS4 CFW

Our firmware enables you to unlock a wide variety of features that were previously locked from usage on your PS4 console. One of the most fundamental benefits for jailbreaking your PS4 is the capacity to browse and use all locked regional content. This is easily achieved with our latest firmware version, furthermore you will be unlocking the true power management capabilities of your console.

The level of customization offered by our CFW is outstanding, not only that, but it is extremely easy to configure too. Our PS4 jailbreak tutorial is simply the best available in the world, it is easy to understand and directly implement all by yourself. You won’t require any technical guides or specifically designed tools, just ten to fifteen minutes of your time and you will have a fully unlocked PlayStation 4.

Benefits of a Hacked PS4

Our latest PS4 CFW is completely secure and offers users a range of extremely useful features that will benefit them massively. In terms of the basics, our CFW does not harm your device, or cause any issues with it whatsoever. Many people find themselves wondering what are the benefits of a PS4 jailbreak and are unaware of the different features offered by doing so. I have compiled a short list of different reasons for why you may want to considering learning how to jailbreak a PS4:

  • It’s Easy – Above all other reasons, it has to be said that the main reason that you should learn how to jailbreak a PS4 is because it’s extremely easy. We have made sure that the process is very streamlined and that you have to do barely any of the work yourself. Our latest CFW platform is stable, reliable and above all easy to install too.
  • Download any game – Okay so, this is the main reason that you probably visited our website. You will have heard that it is possible to use a PS4 jailbreak to play any game that you have ever wanted, completely free of charge. This is absolutely true and for this reason alone there are thousands of people performing this operation their PS4 on a daily basis. In order to achieve this, we have worked tirelessly to ensure that users are able to install all games onto their PS4 – with absolutely no limitations. We achieved this with our original PS3 CFW hack and have done so again here today. Our PS4 CFW is completely compatible with all games currently on the market and future updates will ensure that this trend continues long into the future too.
  • Edit game files – This is another fundamental reason for why people are continually landing on our website, they already have the video game that they want to play on their PS4, however they want the flexibility to modify it too. Our developers have managed to ensure that our current PS4 CFW is fully editable and therefore allows users to easily enable various cheats on their games too. There is currently a limited amount of cheats available to use, but we are working to develop an increasing amount as more games are released on the console.
  • Install applications – A relatively new addition to our CFW is the capacity to install a wide range of applications designed to improve the user experience of the PS4. This recent development is unique to our PS4 jailbreak and permits usage of third party applications in addition to those create solely by our development team. Examples of some applications that can be used are instant messaging services, custom user interfaces, music players and game menus too. As always, we are continually looking for new methods by which we can improve our modifications, if you have any recommendations for our jailbreak software, please let us know and we will work to implement them.
  • Quicker booting – One issue that is often overlooked in consoles, for whatever reason, is the fact that they take a long time to boot up. This was originally tackled in our PS3 hack, but has been dramatically improved here too. We have managed to reduce the boot loading time of the PS4 down to a mere three seconds, this considerably improves a gamer’s experience and ultimately gives you much more time to spend enjoying the game.
  • Quicker loading – Similarly, we have also ensured that game loading times have been reduced somewhat too, this varies from game to game. But in all of the games our developers tested, we noted a 50% reduction in load time, although this is most substantial in games that are based in an open world like the GTA, Dark Souls or Fallout franchises.
  • Quicker saving – Much alike the two benefits listed above, we have also reduced the amount of time required to save any game too. While this is not quite as significant as any of the other modifications made to our PS4 CFW, we are sure that this will also add to your gaming experience too.
  • PS3 and PS2 Games – Another excellent update that we are proud to announce is the ability for your hacked PS4 to be able to play any installed PS3 or PS2 games too. This is a welcomed addition to the PS4 and was something that was really missing from the original console’s CFW. Now it is as simple as inserting an old PS2 or PS3 disc into your PS4 and then the game will begin to install immediately. We have ensured that this process is seamless and works for the majority of your old video games. We particularly enjoyed enabling this update as the development team is full of old gamers who love playing retro games like those on the PS2.
  • Achievements – This is something that many people coming to the site initially requested as a feature and it was one of the hardest to implement. However, following a long development process we have now managed to make it possible to unlock any achievement on almost any game that you desire. Unfortunately this is not possible on all games, but we have tried to ensure that it will work on the majority of them.


Risks of Hacking your Console

So after leaving you with all of the positives above, I’m going to write a little bit about what everybody is looking for – what are the potential risks? Well, we didn’t spend a long time developing the PS4 CFW for no reason – currently there are no known risks of this procedure. Our efforts have enabled us to provide an easy to install custom firmware for your Playstation 4 and if there are are difficulties faced, it is extremely easy for users to revert the firmware update too. In effect this enables users to try to update their console, if this fails for whatever reason – it can easily be returned to its previous OFW version. Similarly, if you do not like the update following its installation, you may simply remove it and reinstall the old firmware too. If this is the case, please do let us know why you decided to do this so that we can work to develop a solution to your issue.