PS3 Jailbreak

Here we provide truly simplified instructions for how to jailbreak a PS3. All of the instructions listed below are based upon the most up to date firmware that is currently available.

Original Firmware Version (OFW) 4.78 (Updated: 07/2016)

Thank you for visiting our website, here we will be providing all of the instructions required for you to perform your own successful PS3 jailbreak. We here at have been working on developing our software for many years now and are very happy with where we are today. It took an awful long time for us to finally learn how to jailbreak PS3 consoles but our experienced developers persevered and we have made it. Our new website provide detailed information about each of our software releases and extensive instructions too. One final note, in more recent times we have also been performing PS4 jailbreak research and have also managed to hack that console too.

Technical Requirements

You must have all of the following components to successfully perform a PS3 jailbreak.

How To Jailbreak PS3 Consoles

1. The first step is a relatively simple one, before making any attempts to jailbreak your PS3 please ensure that your PS3 is currently running on the original firmware version 4.78 or below.

2. Select the PS3 CFW download button listed below to download our software.

3. Utilize 7zip, WinRaR or WinZip to extract the PS3 CFW file you downloaded earlier (from step 2) to your computer’s desktop. Inside this extracted folder there will be a file named – PS3UPDATE.PUP.

4. Next you should insert in your USB or external HDD to your computer and then open up the root directory. Within the root directory, create a folder named – PS3. Inside the PS3 folder, create another new folder called – UPDATE.

PS3 Jailbreak

5. Find the previously extracted PS3UPDATE.PUP file from the file that was downloaded earlier. Move this file to within the new UPDATE folder.

6. Eject your USB or external HDD from your computer safely.

7. Insert your USB or external HDD to your PS3 and turn it on.

8. Next you should initiate the CFW update manually from your USB or external HDD, this step should take between ten and fifteen minute to complete.

9. If you made sure to follow all of the previous instructions then you have now successfully installed the latest CFW onto your PS3.


How To Jailbreak A PS3

Congratulations, now that you have successfully undertaken a PS3 Jailbreak you will be able to utilize a large number of previously locked benefits. For example, you will now be able to implement customized applications, edit your PS3 geographical region, edit all of the development options and make adjustments to your home screen too.

After spending many months working on ways to develop a more effective PS3 Jailbreak, we are now at a point where we are happy with our latest custom firmware (CFW). In the past there have been many attempts to produce a stable version that functions on all variants of PS3 models, however it is only now that we are able to announce this achievement. As it stands there are absolutely no issues with any PS3 models and anybody can learn how to jailbreak PS3 models with relative ease. Should you have any queries with our latest CFW, please read the readme file that is contained in the downloaded folder, this contains considerably more detail on how we achieved this PS3 Jailbreak and also a large set of instructions on how to install it safely too. We will continue to persevere and provide perpetual updates to our PS3 CFW in the future so please check back soon.

More Details About Our Software

Thank you for downloading our PS3 Jailbreak software, if you are in need of further instructions, please ensure that you open the readme file within the downloaded folder. We here at are sure that you will agree that our CFW is the easiest to install and also that it only occasionally provides users with very minor issues. Our development team has worked for many months to ensure that our PS3 CFW is not only extremely stable, but that it is also is future proof too so that your PS3 Jailbreak will continue to work for many years to come.

In addition to this, our developers are constantly pushing the boundaries and are searching for novel ways to jailbreak PS3 consoles, despite us being relatively happy with where we are at today. Using our current methods we have enabled users to learn how to jailbreak PS3 consoles in under thirty minutes, from downloading the original files and documentation to completely functional installation. Furthermore, we are continually testing all of our PS3 CFW on a large number on consoles that we have on-site to ensure that any updates do not jeopardize any of our previous PS3 Jailbreak updates.

If you are keen to learn more about the actual development work that has gone into our PS3 Jailbreaks then please do not hesitate to get into contact with the team as we are always on the lookout for new talent to join our ranks. For a more basic understanding; we are essentially starting from scratch each and every time Sony release a new firmware update to their consoles, as a result we must learn how to jailbreak PS3 consoles from scratch once again. Luckily, now that the PS3 is a relatively old console there are not too many updates to the Playstation OS anymore and so we do not have to make amendments to it all too often. Many people do not recognize the amount of time and effort that goes into each and every update that we release and so any thanks received will go a long way for all of us in the team.

We are constantly ensuring that our PS3 CFW versions are very secure, our main concern is always that people will make mistakes whilst installing their software. As a result of this we are always searching for ways to make this process more streamlined and also for ways to recover the original firmware in the event of any mistake being made. Due to this, our latest PS3 Jailbreak is highly efficient at recovering its original state and users can therefore rectify these issues if they do ever arise.

Everyone here at is generally regarded as being a true industry expert and we like to be known as being the best at what we do. At this current time we are the only development team that ensures users have an exceptional experience with our CFW for the PS3 and we also offer outstanding support too. You will find it truly difficult to find another company in the world that offers such a first class experience anywhere.


Our latest PS3 custom firmware has a wide range of features that users will be happy to learn about, all of which were effectively locked away from use by Sony on the release of the PS3. These previously locked features are extremely useful and we have made sure that our CFW is completely customizable too, a stark contrast to the PS3’s original firmware that was fairly static. We spent a substantial amount of time working on the user friendliness of our firmware and can guarantee that you won’t require any sort of guides (although they are also included in the download folder) to manage your installation. Everything is very simple to use and configure, which is impressive given the level of flexibility offered by our PS3 Jailbreak.

Why Should You Jailbreak Your PS3?

Below you will find a comprehensive list of all the different features offered by our PS3 CFW. Whichever version of our software that you choose to download will come with the full range of features as we are continually updating each of them. Firstly, let me just reassure anyone reading this that our CFW will not damage your device in any way whatsoever, if there are any issues with your installation it is easy for you to revert back to your PS3’s previous state – we have provided detailed instructions for how to do this.

Simplicity – This has to be the key reason for why anybody would want to learn how to jailbreak PS3 consoles. The procedure is extremely rapid and very streamlined too, users will have absolutely no difficult in establishing a fully functional PS3 Jailbreak. Our latest CFW is also exceptionally stable, it does not crash and is secure from any bugs too.

Games – The large majority of people searching for methods of how to jailbreak PS3 consoles will be doing so for this reason alone. Essentially if you have a functional PS3 Jailbreak then you have a way to download any game that you could ever have wanted to and play it for free too. As I stated previously, this is the main reason for why there are hundreds of thousands of people jailbreaking PS3 consoles on a monthly basis. Similarly, this is also the reason for why is the premier jailbreaking service on the internet. No other providers have ensured that all games are compatible with their firmware and this is a common issue with other PS3 Jailbreak software versions. Ultimately, our developers are industry leading experts that have many years’ experience working in this area and they have worked tirelessly to enable us to get to where we are today. Our PS3 CFW is completely compatible with any game that is currently on the market and will continue to be for many years into the future too thanks to our continued perseverance.

Edit Game Files – If you are searching for new ways to play your games, then editing your game files is certainly something that will spark your interest. Our PS3 CFW ensures that users can edit a selection of fundamental game files for each game, this will enable the activation of cheats or any additional modifications that you would like to implement. Examples of this include changing game mechanics, physics settings, NPC interactions and a whole host of visual effects too – in addition to your typical range of cheats. One thing to note is that newer games generally have fewer cheats available, however we have made efforts to try to ensure that there are at least some for each title. If you would like more to be added, please get into contact with our PS3 Jailbreak development team and we will be more than happy to help.

Regional Content – Another outstanding feature that is offered by our latest PS3 CFW is the capacity to access all regionally locked content. Here we have effectively found a solution to enable users from all over the world to access all game content from any region, regardless of where you are living.

Applications – The ability to install applications on PS3 consoles is something that many previous developers have tried and failed to do in the past. However, our latest PS3 Jailbreak software has managed to do just this. While we have not perfected this just yet, users now have the capacity to install a selection of third party applications to their console. Some examples of this include YouTube, music players, customized menu bars, customized user interface layouts and instant messaging software too. We are currently looking for new features to add in this department and are happy to try to accommodate any constructive feedback here so please let us know if you have anything you might want to be added to your PS3 Jailbreak.

Performance – One thing that many PS3 gamers will have experienced in the past is extremely slow boot times and loading times. This is something that we have combated head on and we can now ensure users that following the installation of our PS3 CFW your console will be substantially more efficient. While this will typically vary from console to console and game to game, we estimate that PS3’s will boot 50% quicker and games will load about 25% quicker too. This is a fairly incredible step forward and it would not have been possible without continued development work on our part. One thing to note is that open world games do not see quite as much benefit in this regard. Furthermore, we have also managed to reduce the amount of time needed to save games too, this is thanks to our latest saving algorithm being leaps and bounds more sophisticated than Sony’s original.

PS2 Games – Yes, you heard that right. We have also made sure that every PS2 game is now fully compatible with our PS3 Jailbreak and you will now have no trouble playing on all of your favorite retro PS2 games anymore. Our PS3 CFW enables you to enter any PS2 game into your PS3 console and it will boot up as normal so that you can quickly get on and enjoy the game. This, as with many of our updates, is generally more reliable for older games than the newer ones. However we estimate that over 95% of games will work flawlessly moving forward, please see our readme file in the download folder for further information on this regard; here we have a full list of all of the compatible games. Please rest assured that all of the most popular PS2 games are fully compatible with our PS3 Jailbreak.

Bonus – So, a few additional extra features that our PS3 Jailbreak offers is the ability to instantaneously unlock all of the in-game achievements for any game you require. Furthermore, we have also improved the network compatibility with the latest routers and modems too, now you will not have any issues with connectivity when you are playing your games online.

Final Note – Please get in touch if you would like to help out on this particular project or on any future projects, we are always on the lookout for new blood to join our ranks and would love the extra help. Currently we only work as a charity, providing our PS3 CFW to people around the world free of charge, but we do have a small budget to offer skilled developers who would require a fee. Also, if you would like to see any changes made, or if you have found any bugs with our CFW, please get into contact with the PS3 CFW development team and we will get back to you as soon as possible.