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Here you will find links to the latest free PSN code generators that are fully compatible with all current PS4, PS3 and PS Vita models on the marketplace around the world. These are available for a range of different values, please select the appropriate link from those listed below:

Last Updated and Verified: 06/2016

If you are looking to receive some free PSN codes today then you have landed on the right page. We have been providing software to ensure you get just that for years, currently we only provide support for the PS4 and have no current intentions to enable further functionality to include the PS3. We are constantly battling with Sony updates as they are consistently patching our software, however we are providing regular updates to ensure that you can enjoy and get the most out of your PS4 with this free PSN code generator. As it stands, we are enabling users to gain access to three separate code generating software so that if you have any difficulties using one, there are two other options that are almost guaranteed to function as anticipated. With our latest code generating software you will never have to spend a dime again, particularly when used in combination with our PS4 Jailbreak.

Free PSN Codes

Initial Requirements

In order to receive a free PSN code you must simply download one of the relevant links and follow the instructions found below them:

Free PSN Code GeneratorPSN Code GeneratorFree PSN Codes

Free PSN Card Codes

Supported PS4 Models

Please note; all PS3 and PS Vita models are currently supported by our PSN code generator. Scroll down further for the instructions on how to use our software.

PS4 Model No – CUH-10xxA
FCC/ID – AK8CUH100C1/409B-CUH100C1

 PS4 Model No – CUH-11xxA
FCC/ID – AK8CUH100F1/409B-CUH100F1

 PS4 Model No – CUH-11xxB
FCC/ID – AK8CUH100F1/409B-CUH100F1

 PS4 Model No – CUH-12xxA
FCC/ID – AK8CUH120Z1/409B-CUH120Z1

PS4 Model No – CUH-12xxB
FCC/ID – AK8CUH120Z1/409B-CUH120Z1

How To Use Our Software

1. After you have selected the download package that you require ($10, $20 or $50), you must simply extract the zipped (.zip) file onto your computer’s desktop, or whatever directory you chose to download the file to.

In order to extract these files you can utilize:

2. Following successful extraction you will have two separate files, a readme (.txt) file containing some additional instructions about our software and an executable (.exe) file containing the PSN code generator.

3. Now you may begin the installation process by running the software application, this step should take approximately thirty seconds and once completed there will be an icon on your desktop. Clicking this icon will then open up the free PSN code generator and here you will be prompted to generate a new PSN code.

4. Select “Generate New Code” and after approximately ten seconds a code will appear in the grayed out box, this can then be utilized directly on your PS4, PS3 or Playstation Vita and will return the amount initially requested when you selected your download package above.


Congratulations, you have now unlocked a free PSN code and can use it to purchase whatever tickles your fancy on the Playstation Store. Any digital media that is purchased from Sony’s store will appear directly into your account as it typically would with a legitimately purchased code. Examples of content that you can now purchase for your console or gaming device include full or demo video games, additional in-game content, themes and game trailers too. The selection of available content on the PSN Store is updated on a weekly basis, typically on a Tuesday in America and South America, or a Wednesday in Europe or Asia.

Additional Information

Thank you for checking out our free PSN code generator, we believe that we have produced the finest product currently available anywhere on the internet. At this time we guarantee our users that they will not be able to generate free PSN codes quicker utilizing any other software. We have also striven to ensure that our instructions are relatively simple and are quick to navigate through, therefore negating any potential issues in the installation or configuration process. As a result, it is exceptionally easy for you to get free PSN codes with a truly endless limit.

Our development team is continually active and are always on the hunt for new ways to mitigate any potential patches that Sony may send our way. This is ultimately to ensure that we are able to continue to provide this service long into the future, with no issues or service delays. Generating free PSN codes has genuinely never been easier and we hope to keep it this way.

Our programmers are true industry leading experts and have been developing our software for many years now. They were the original pioneers of the first fully functional PS3 Jailbreak, PS4 Jailbreak, Xbox 360 Jailbreak and indeed the recently released Xbox One Jailbreak too.

The concept behind our latest free PSN code generator is relatively simple, it focuses on fundamental PSN encoding flaws that are hard coded into the PSN Store. As a consequence of these flaws we have made it possible to attain working codes in the following demotions: $10, $20 and $50.

Providing this service over the years has facilitated a vastly improved video gaming experience for PS4, PS3 and PS Vita gamers across the world. We have allowed people to download any game of their choice without expending a single cent on gaming content using our free PSN code generator. It is for this reason we continue to push the boundaries of our knowledge, despite a continual onslaught from Sony to destroy our capacity to do so. We believe in the freedom of information and will continue to develop our software until it is no longer possible to do so.

Please enjoy your free codes, use your free money on whatever content or video game that you fancy, purchase additional multiplayer (online) game time or simply enjoy having a little bit extra cash in your wallet – whatever floats your metaphoric boat! Remember, our software does not jeopardize the integrity of your console and enables you to stay a member of the PSN Store for an unlimited amount of time, this ensures that whenever older PS3 or PS4 games are removed from the marketplace, you will be able to retain them forever if you purchased them using your PSN code money.


Free PSN Card

As with any software the you find here at, our free PSN generator software is available completely free of charge. It is automatically updated directly to your computer’s desktop and will work for many years into the future. The only requirement for our software to function is an active internet connection so that you can connect to Sony’s PSN servers and activate your codes – these will then be directly applied to your PSN Store’s account.

Similarly, our Playstation Code Generator is completely risk free, it is developed by our in-house development team and we guarantee its integrity. Our development team consists of software engineers and security experts that are always focused on ensuring that we deliver a high quality product. At no point during our install process do we ever ask for any of your personal information, we do not even require an email address or a name. Your usage of this PSN code generator will remain entirely anonymous as we clear our server cache at the end of every day. Additionally, our developers have made clear that the software is undetectable due to a 128 bit encryption process used when transferring data to and from Sony’s servers – in line with what they provide on each of their consoles. This essentially cloaks the data within their network and renders it entirely hidden from watching eyes.

If you are keen on working with our PSN code generator development team then please get into contact with us, we are persistently searching for new experts to add to our roster and are keen to get into touch with new developers. We are a very open group that is big on sharing ideas and so we believe anybody joining our ranks will learn a lot from each and every one of us.