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Here you will find all of the latest custom firmware (CFW) for a range of the latest devices currently available on the market. We pride ourselves on supplying the most reliable software complete with a set of easy to follow instructions, enabling you all to easily learn how to jailbreak and enjoy your new operating system.

We currently provide instructions for how to jailbreak PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and the latest iOS for the iPhone or iPad. We persistently test all of our firmware for all of the different device model types to ensure that each and every model is fully compatible with our custom firmware updates.

Jailbreak Software

Similarly, if you have now determined what model your hardware is, you can find instructions on how to jailbreak your PS4, PS3, Xbox One or Xbox 360 by utilizing the following links:

Additional Information

Every piece of software (custom firmware) downloaded from our website contains a .RAR file, within which is two files; the custom firmware and some detailed instructions of how to install the relevant operating systems.

It is absolutely crucial that all of our instructions are followed with the utmost care, this is because if not you risk causing severe damage to the console. This, ultimately, may prevent it from being usable in the future.

This is less of an issue now, as today we can usually reformat the device and reinstall the operating system as it was previously. However it is always best to remain totally safe by following our instructions properly. Additionally, it is also fundamentally important to make sure that your console is plugged in as it should be prior to activating any of our custom firmware.

Furthermore, you can trust that all of our jailbreak custom firmware links are the latest, we perpetually update our download links to the latest versions on a daily basis. You may find yourself wondering, how could this service possibly be totally free of charge? This is a result of us deriving all of our profits from ad revenue so that we can continue to provide the console community with a first class service.

At no point do we ever ask our users to install any of the software downloaded from our website, the majority of our instructions involve copying and moving files to an external storage device (USB or HDD) and then plugging these directly into your console.

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